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What To Buy Your UK Governess for Christmas


We are all looking forward to Christmas now that the holiday season is well underway. This implies decorating the halls, mince pies, and of course, gifts! One of the pleasures of the Christmas season is exchanging gifts with others. For kids, it’s an especially exciting moment. Most of us can still recall the thrill and excitement of opening our downstairs early on Christmas morning to discover beneath the tree a mountain of brightly wrapped toys and stockings full of festive delicacies.

Therefore, every year, you should ask your UK governess what they would want to see under the tree, and this year should not be an exception. Of course, even if you have a London governess for a more extended period, it is Christmas and it is if nothing else, polite to buy something for every person so tightly connected to your household. 

Why Do We Buy Christmas Presents For UK Governesses Or Anyone At All?

Giving gifts is a very old custom that predates maybe even humanity. It was presumably a widespread practice in prehistory, fostering relationships of trust that helped to preserve amicable relations between various social groups.

We are aware that the Neolithic era’s winter solstice, which falls on December 21 or 22, was significant. To celebrate the end of one year and the start of the next, people congregated at locations such as Stonehenge for eating and gift-giving

It was the Victorians who sought to reinvent Christmas as a time for joyous family get-togethers as opposed to extravagant parties. Giving gifts at Christmas was a part of this new, healthy holiday that emphasized family and children.

Over the 19th century, gift-giving shifted from early December or New Year’s to Christmas, and by the 1870s, Christmas Eve saw the nearly ubiquitous arrival of Father Christmas with his bag of gifts in England.

Let’s List Some Of The Most Common Gifts For UK Governesses

Over the years, our study has shown that 80% of nannies receive gifts from their employers on average. The primary categories are food and drink, luxury goods, self-care products, and gift cards.

Food and beverages

In 2020, food and beverages were the most popular gifts given to nannies; the previous year, more than 40% of nannies received gifts that were partially or entirely edible. Within this category, wine and chocolates are the most popular gifts; however, Panettones, Prosecco, champagne, and gin were also received.

Then, we have: 

Products for nannies’ self-care

The products for pampering and self-care came in second, with over 40% of nannies receiving presents like these. Among the most well-liked were:

  • Fragrant candles
  • Aromatherapeutic sets
  • Comfortable clothing, such as designer pajamas; cosmetics, like bath products, facial kits, and makeup;

Upscale goods

Luxurious things came in next. This contains many items, like Gucci belts and sneakers, jewelry, Apple watches, AirPods, Alexas, Nespresso coffee makers, portable speakers, luxury purses, and more.

Gift cards

Only 5% of nannies received gift certificates from parents last year, making them a significantly less common gift for nannies. The most common gift cards given to nannies are primarily for restaurants. Even though fewer nannies received gift cards last year, they are still one of the most sought-after gifts for nannies.

Cash And Bonus Rewards For London Governesses 

If you’re concerned that your nanny might prefer to get paid cash or a bonus this year, you may be wondering what the norm is. Nannies typically receive cash in addition to other gifts, ranging from £40 to £100, which they can use for personal indulgence.

In addition to gifts, for example, 50% of nannies received incentives in 2020 (up from approximately 40% in 2022), and 90% of nannies surveyed stated they would want an end-of-year bonus.

Employer bonuses for nannies might range from £100 to several hundred pounds, though most bonuses were in the range of one to two weeks’ pay. A month’s remuneration was given to certain nannies. A bonus is usually given to a nanny based on her length of service; the longer she works the more probable it is that she will get one.

Some agree that they shouldn’t anticipate they would receive a bonus automatically; instead, it should rely on the nanny’s performance.

UK Governesses As An Important Part Of The Family 

Supposing you have found your perfect London governess through the best agency for matchmaking families and governesses, you will not go through too much trouble when choosing the perfect gift for her or him as it will probably naturally come to you. 

Notwithstanding research, parents do not need to spend a lot of money to show their nannies that they are cherished members of the family; this is what counts most to nannies. Numerous nannies mentioned that they would appreciate a kind present from the kids. An album including pictures from the years she had worked with the family, according to one nanny, was the finest gift she had ever gotten.

 “The way the families have been so kind and thankful and appreciative of my work together with the children’s sincere love are certainly the best gifts one can have,” said another nanny, “is the most amazing and much appreciated present.”

Additional personalized gifts were a keychain featuring the children’s images and a cup imprinted with their handprints. What also was happening was that nannies expressed their want for a sign that the parents had paid attention to their preferences and areas of interest. “I adore it when my parents remember something important to me—especially if it’s personal.” “A Harry Potter notebook (I’m a big fan, it was very thoughtful)” was reported as a joyful surprise by one nanny. 

It is a good idea to tailor your gift to your nanny’s interests and hobbies if you are aware of them. This is a fantastic moment to learn more about your nanny’s preferences if you’re not sure.

All things considered, Christmas is one of the most joyful days of the year and the most important thing is to celebrate it with the ones you love and cherish. So, as we were discussing, make sure to show your appreciation to the people who are the most invested in your children’s upbringing. 

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